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Free Range, No Hormones, Made from 100% Fresh MilkLink to Columbus Washboard Company

About us

Anchor Butter is available online for customers to purchase in the United States by the Columbus Washboard Company.

Since 1895 we have been part of family life, manufacturing in the United States and distributing traditional, nostalgic and hard to find products. We are proud to be associated with Anchor.

Our ethics and company ethos has enabled us to expand into both US manufacturer of quality products, and supplier of high quality goods from both the US and overseas.

Our staff are skilled, local people & we play an active part in our local and national economy.

Our mission is to be able to supply high quality products that people want, need or can rely on.

We believe that customer choice is important, but offering a range of inferior imported products at knock down prices is not acceptable. Over the years it seems that imported goods have taken precedence to domestic, competing mainly on price and we do not believe this should be the case. Like fine wines, cheeses and cars imported goods add to the spice, and quality of life but should not compete heavily with the daily consumables that are home grown.

Anchor Butter is special because of its unique taste, and quality. We believe you cannot find a butter with the same unique qualities and taste from any other brand. It is a premium product, and as such is harder to come by. But wow!, we think you will notice the difference!