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Free Range, No Hormones, Made from 100% Fresh Milk

The original Anchor Butter. Free range, natural and Hormone Free.

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If you have never tasted Anchor Butter before you are in for a real treat. Anchor butter has been part of a staple diet in New Zealand, Great Britain, India and many other countries and is now available to buy online in the United States.

Anchor butter from free range, grass fed cows is higher in Omega 3, higher in Beta Carotene, higher in Vitamin A and has a wonderful taste. See for yourself the difference a naturally made butter makes to your dinner table.

Buy Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter online. We ship to the Contiguous 48 states through FedEx to ensure your butter arrives perfectly. Shipping is usually within one working day (Mon-Wed) We believe there is no other butter on the market that tastes this good. We encourage you to try it. For customers who already know of Anchor, we offer an easy and convenient way of obtaining your favorite pure butter. Your purchase is handled by a company with 121 years of experience in the US.


Have you tried Anchor Unsalted Free Range Butter in your coffee instead of creamer?


Link to Columbus Washboard Company

Anchor Butter is available online from the Columbus Washboard Company.

Since 1895 we have been part of family life, manufacturing and distributing traditional, nostalgic and hard to find products and we are proud to be associated with this iconic brand.